Adapt Secure specialise in High-Risk Security and Close Personal Protection. The breadth and depth of our capabilities provide us with the ability to establish an Intelligence-based threat mitigation strategy executed by professional Executive and Close Personal Protection agents.

We provide coordinated logistical support via air, land or sea and encompass all aspects of travel facilitation, both domestic and international.

Our team and extended network’s global experience provides our client’s freedom of movement in any operational environment.

We have the operational capacity to mobilise and coordinate large-scale Protection details for dignitaries or special events. We also provide stand-alone operatives that can work covertly with clients in corporate or high-risk and complex environments.

Our Close Protection agents are Emergency Medical First Responder qualified and perform the role of team Medics in all high-risk operations.

We provide these services to dignitaries, high-profile and high net worth individuals, executives and their families, multinational corporates, and industries such as mining, film, sports, and broadcast media.

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