International High-Risk Security

Security & Risk Consultants

When operating in high-risk or conflict zones globally, it is critical that you have up to date and relevant information about the stability of the intended regions to ensure you minimise your exposure to risk. Our security & risk consultants provide task-specific risk assessments during the planning stage and then accompany the client to coordinate and facilitate logistics and security.

Close Personal Protection

Close personal protection in high-risk or conflict zones can range from a discreet profile and covert operation to overt armoured vehicles and armed security details. We can provide small teams or stand-alone close protection agents, and trained emergency medical first responders to work discreetly with the client or when required engage with local providers and coordinate logistics, personal protective equipment, and armed security services to gain access and freedom of movement in high-risk and conflict zones. We have extensive experience working with media, humanitarian and none government organizations.

Logistics & Emergency Management

A key facet of protection is contingency planning in the event of an incident occurring. Our close protection agents and risk consultants can plan all aspects of logistics via air, land or sea, including primary and alternate modes of transportation.

The logistics are planned in coordination with pre-established emergency evacuation and communications plans. These plans include the initiation of external communications, tracking, the identification of safe havens and medical facilities in proximity to each proposed destination and the evolving environment.

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